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good doctor who icons
take a trip in a tardis
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30th-Dec-2013 10:57 am - 33 Hobbit, Doctor Who, & others
● sw | rey/bb-8 | purple
33 multifandom icons here at nonewsteps

The Hobbit, Doctor Who, The Hunger Games, True Blood, Once Upon a Time, Avatar
1st-Sep-2012 07:10 pm(no subject)
DW: Jenny
25 Doctor Who (incl. s7 trailer)
08 Primeval
(33 total)

33 Doctor Who & Primeval icons here at signalement
2nd-Nov-2011 08:15 pm(no subject)
cast | aaron paul
07 | Doctor Who
16 | Legend of the Seeker
31 | Merlin (including 4.05)
09 | My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
08 | Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
10 | The Vampire Diaries
09 | Teen Wolf
35 | Misc

HERE @ wicked_signs
20th-Sep-2011 11:33 pm(no subject)
● sw | rey/bb-8 | purple

Here at nonewsteps.
Includes Doctor Who (Sally Sparrow), Community, Jane Eyre, Midnight in Paris, Red Riding Hood, Sucker Punch, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, The Secret Circle, The Wire. Glee and The Secret Circle gifs. Glee and Chris Colfer wallpapers.
29th-Aug-2011 07:18 pm - 45 multifandom
Skins - litter London with lonely hearts
45 multifandom icons (Skins, Doctor Who, Community, Harry Potter, Nikita, Fringe)

Here at mosaically!

31st-Jul-2011 05:08 pm(no subject)
● sw | rey/bb-8 | purple

Here at nonewsteps.
Includes Harry Potter, Burlesque, Scream 4, Zombieland, Community, Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fringe, Hex, Glee, Legend of the Seeker, True Blood, Lost Girl, The Vampire Diaries, Ke$ha, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna. Also wallpapers: Chris Colfer, Glee.
16th-Jul-2011 11:50 am(no subject)
Skins - litter London with lonely hearts

Doctor Who, Merlin, Skins UK, Misfits, & 2 Doctor Who Wallpapers
HERE at mosaically!
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